No-one thought the characters the child drew could have anything to do with her fear of the woods.

Drawing: Kaarna Ä. (3 years); Photos: Satu K.

Experiment with time-lapse -photography: baking bread.

Music by Susumu Hirasawa, Paprika soundtrack

The goal: to make a scratching post all the way from floor to ceiling. I got the inspiration after a friend suggested I should cover one post of my loft bed with sisal rope. The cats went nuts without delay.


These cost me about 60 euros.



  • IKEA hex key (included in everything you buy from there)
  • Screw driver
  • level
  • some cable ties (for temporary fixing)
  • gloves (the rope gets rough on your hands)
  • scissors
  • lighter (to burn the edges of the mat)


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Ilmoitustaulu edestä

I was just falling asleep when I got an idea: I need to make a notice board using the round trivets that can be found from IKEA.

I bought three packets of HEAT-trivet, attached them to some wooden bars with a glue gun and added two hooks. Done!

Ilmoitustaulu edestä

The Henchman is a short animation about the ever helpful and self-sacrificing henchmen of the super-villains.

Watch the animation (about 3:00)